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Ever since my younger days, I've been captivated by the transformative power of scents. They weren't just pleasant aromas to me; specific fragrances genuinely amplified my confidence and shifted my mood. My love for fragrances drove me to journey across the world, immersing myself in the rich aromatic landscapes of various cultures, diving deep into their unique essences.

A pivotal moment in my olfactory journey was spending a summer in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. Amidst the verdant fields and ancient distilleries, I deepened my knowledge, uncovering the intricate nuances and artistry behind each fragrance. However, despite these experiences, I often felt a disconnect in the commercial world of fragrances. The glamorous brand counters, although enticing, sometimes left me overwhelmed and with a sense of buyer's remorse.

Yearning for change and driven by passion, I took a bold step. Leaving my comfortable finance job behind, I envisioned a platform offering curated fragrance experiences without the overwhelm and hefty price tags. Combining insights from my global journeys and the invaluable knowledge from Grasse, I created ScentGod, bridging the gap between personal preferences and the expansive world of perfumes.

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