Chloe Perfumes: Hit or Miss? Here's What We Think

Published: Jul 13, 2023 • Last Updated: Jul 13, 2023

We asked our team what comes to their mind when you think Chloe fragrances. The most common answer was timeless, which is not incorrect, but Chloe fragrances are a lot more than that. The common theme among these fragrances is elegance, well-roundedness and velvety smooth accords. Chloe is a brand that effortlessly combines sophistication and femininity with a touch of modernity.

Chloe perfumes are designed to celebrate the essence of womanhood, accentuating your innate grace and femininity. Whether you're a youthful dreamer, an adventurous spirit, or a romantic at heart, Chloe has a fragrance that will resonate with your personality and please your olfactory buds.

Here are some of the most popular Chloe perfumes we think are worth adding to your fragrance collection.

Chloe EDP

Let's kickstart our olfactory exploration with the iconic Chloe EDP, a fragrance that has become synonymous with timeless elegance. Created for the woman who embraces her femininity, this perfume boasts a delightful blend of floral and powdery notes.

The fragrance revolves around a fresh rose note, imagine smelling a rose in the rain. Rose combined with magnolia accords, and a hint of fresh peony and litchi, Chloe EDP wraps you in a soft, comforting embrace that exudes sophistication. This fragrance is perfect for women of all ages, it's versatile and can be a perfect gift for a loved one because it is hard to go wrong with this classic fragrance. 

Notes: rose, peony, litchi, freesia, magnolia

Sample Chloe EDP

Chloe Nomade EDP

Nomade by Chloe is a must-have perfume for free-spirited souls yearning for adventure. Inspired by the bohemian spirit, this fragrance combines citrus fruity notes and woody accords with a vibrant composition of Mirabelle plum, peach, bergamot, freesia, and oakmoss.

There is a floral element to this as well, which comes from the freesia in the heart. It embodies the essence of wanderlust, empowering you to embrace the unknown and unleashing your inner adventurer. To sum this up in one sentence, Nomade is a luxurious scent with uncompromised simplicity.

Notes: Mirabelle plum, peach, bergamot, freesia, oakmoss

Sample Chloe Nomade

Chloe Love Story EDP

Love Story is for all the romantics and the dreamers! Inspired by the enchanting love locks on the Pont des Arts in Paris, Love Story EDP is a celebration of the kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat (rare but it happens, trust me).

It's an intoxicating symphony of fresh neroli, delicate orange blossom, and stepahanotis that will transport you to the most romantic moments of your life, making it a perfect wedding scent. The freshness comes from bergamot, grapefruit and pear. There is also a hint of rose in the heart which fades away to give way to a smooth woody base of musk and cedar. 

Notes: neroli, orange blossom, stephanotis, grapefruit, rose, musk

Sample Chloe Love Story

Whether you choose Chloe EDP for its classic charm, Nomade for its sense of adventure, or Love Story EDP for its romantic vibe, each fragrance embodies the spirit of Chloe and empowers you to embrace your unique femininity.

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