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We feel great pleasure in introducing you to a world of perfumes where you can explore designer and niche fragrances at your fingertips. Now you have access to 30-day supply of hundreds of designer perfumes, delivered at your doorstep starting at just $18.95/ month.

How Does it Work?


$150 (Avg.)
One Time



$19.95 (8ml)
Per Month

  • new_releases Try new fragrances every month.
  • grade 100% Authentic Perfumes
  • palette Easy Carry Case in 4 Colors
  • style 400+ designer and niche perfumes
  • sensor_door Free Doorstep Delivery

How Did it All Start?


Since childhood I have always been fascinated by the power of scents. At a very young age, I figured certain scents would enhance my confidence and change the way I feel.

Cut to my teenage years, I started experimenting with perfumes as my love for scents grew. I spent countless hours at big brand stores trying to find my best match. The lovely attendants would spray 50 different scents on to a stick until I couldn't distinguish one from another and would end up wasting money buying something that would sit on my shelf for six months as I wouldn't like it after wearing it for a few days. I was sick and bored of this, I thought how nice would it be if somebody could give accurate perfume recommendations based on your preferences. A one stop perfume shop, where one could try all kinds of perfumes without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Such a platform didn't exist, so I thought why not build one and hence ScentGod was born.

At ScentGod, we use technology to help you find your best perfume match. Just take a quick quiz and our algorithm will recommend perfumes that match your taste. You get to choose from over 200 perfumes and try a different perfume every single month! A perfume for every taste, every occasion, every mood. With us, you can take a chance on something new as you spend only $18.95 not $150 for a whole bottle that might just end up being a show piece on your dressing table.

Our goal at ScentGod is to make trying perfumes fun and affordable to everyone, where one could experiment with all kinds of perfumes and eventually find their perfect match.

Preet Singh


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