5 Amazing Benefits of Wearing Perfume

Published: May 12, 2021 • Last Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Perfume isn't a new discovery; many ancient texts and archeological excavations suggest that perfumes have been widely used in some of the earliest human civilizations. The art of perfumery became mainstream and extremely popular during the 19th century, though. In modern times, wearing perfume is often linked to elegance and refinement.

So if you're debating whether you should add perfumes to your wardrobe, here are 5 benefits of perfumes to help you make this decision:

1. Alters your mood

Fragrances have long been used to affect the state of mind of individuals and this study from 2016 summarizes the the effects of different smells on the brain of humans. It finds that:

  • Citrus had a relaxing effect, with lower levels of anxiety, a more positive mood, and a higher level of calmness. Bergamot relieved work-related stress of teachers with various workloads.
  • Florals supresses muscle activity and reduces blood pressure. Lavender was associated with reduced mental stress, reduced memory performance and increased arousal rate. Rosemary produced a significant enhancement of memory performance.
  • Peppermint enhanced physical performance and alertness
  • Heliotropin reduced sleepiness and improved refreshment at awakening for participants who suffered from insomniac symptoms.
  • Chocolate affected the enjoyment of food and drinks

As you can see, a variety of mental states can be achieved by using the right perfumes. This is not medical advice but for mild symptoms, aren't perfumes better than taking pills? You can use the right perfumes to reduce stress, boost confidence, improve physical performance, make yourself alert or sleepy/calm.

2. Evokes memories

It is well known that odors and memories are strongly linked and odors can very well trigger long lost memories, especially from your first decade. A 1998 study done on 22 subjects revealed that odors were nearly as effective as other cues in triggering childhood memories in older individuals.

What does that mean for you? Well you can spray the perfume your mother used to take yourself back to your loving childhood. Or a specific perfume can take you back to your favorite hangout place near the bakery that smelled like fresh bread. Perfumes can be a time machine is what I'm saying lol.

3. Social Perception

Believe it or not, human mind takes shortcuts and human beings are superficial. We are often judged by our appearances and of course our smell. Instead of complaining about it though, I prefer to use it to get one up on the competition. Good smelling things are more desirable and we are drawn towards them.

Citrus and florals can make you smell fresh sending a signal at the office that you are clean, hygienic and a responsible person. You can be perceived as more capable and talented than you are if you smell well.

A musky, leathery or gourmand smell can make you irresistable to the opposite sex if you are in a party or social situation when you want to attract that hot guy/girl.

4. Finishing Touch on Your Style

Your fragrance can be the finishing touch on your stylish outfit. Whether you're going out partying or dressed up for a meeting or a Gala, your perfume can set you further apart from others making you more desirable and memorable.

It can also leave a scent trail that announces you before you've met them like a king/queen. I was once at a wedding, I smelled this amazing caramel kind of smell, it was delicious but I couldn't find the source of it. As we moved around, I smelled it again and again until many hours later after the ceremony I bumped into this girl who was wearing that perfume. I was mesmerized by her, not just because she was gorgeous, but I had built up the source of that scent for hours in my mind before meeting her. She already got a head start in my books before meeting me.

5. Covers up bad BO

Lastly perfumes can cover up bad body odor. 'But I don't have bad BO' you say. Sure, not now but what about 4 hours later? As you go about your day and release sweat, BO starts to build up but perfumes can stay on your skin longer and cover up the smell. Its better than blocking your pores with aluminium.

Even though others may not be able to smell the BO yet, you can smell it being close to your own skin and that can affect your confidence.

Okay, Where do I start?

Excellent question. Now that you've decided you want to incorporate perfumes into your wardrobe, the natural question is how to get started. Honestly the world of perfumes is quite complex and convoluted. But here are a few resources that can help you:

  • Look at our list of best perfumes for women and best perfumes for men
  • If you don't mind wearing a common perfume, you can also look at most popular women's perfumes and most popular men's perfumes as well
  • Use our scent finder to discover perfumes you may like
  • Join Fragrantica. Its the largest community for fragrance lovers. Their forums can be quite useful for asking questions that you may have.

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