Five Amazing Benefits of Wearing Perfume

Published: May 12, 2021 • Last Updated: Feb 06, 2022

Perfume isn't a new discovery; many ancient texts and archeological excavations suggest that perfumes have been widely used in some of the earliest human civilizations. The art of perfumery became mainstream and extremely popular during the 19th century, though. In modern times, wearing perfume is often linked to elegance and graciousness.

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Men and women, often use it as an accessory that adds a finishing touch to their outfit, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that perfumes have really become a part of our lifestyle. If you still aren't convinced and are looking for a good reason to wear perfume, we'll give you five, not just one. For starters, who likes body odor? Honestly, there's nothing worse than sitting next to a person who smells horrible.  Perfumes not only help you tackle the problem of body odor, but it also has other countless benefits like boosting confidence, inducing a state of relaxation, triggering memories and some compositions are even said to help with insomnia. Let's break down some amazing benefits of wearing perfume, shall we?

1.          Fragrance helps you smell good: Now who doesn't like to smell good and be around people that smell good! Since pre-historic days, perfumes have been used as fragrances to keep the unwanted body odor away and smelling good throughout the day. Smelling good is also considered a sign of good hygiene, so yes, always practice good hygiene and try to make perfume a part of your daily routine.

2.          Helps uplift your mood: Another major benefit of wearing perfume is that it can instantly regulate your mood. Feeling low? Spray some lavender-based scents to instantly cheer up your vibe. Feeling playful? Go for floral-fruity fragrances. The fact of the matter is that wearing a certain kind of fragrance can instantly change your whole vibe.

3.          Helps boost your confidence: Ever wore perfume and felt like a king or queen? Certain perfumes have that impact on you. Nothing like a perfume that gels with your skin chemistry and personality. Just like a pretty little red dress, a good perfume can instantly make you feel more confident and self-assured.

4.          Makes you more attractive: How to get more attractive in 5 seconds? Wear perfume. It really is that simple. We won't get into details of how our sense of smell is the strongest of all senses and how our brain perceives certain smells, but we will tell you this, a good perfume makes you instantly more desirable thanks to pheromones.

5.          Perfumes are memory storehouses: No one could say this better than Jean Paul Guerlain, "Perfume is the most intense form of memory". One tends to associate certain perfumes with certain people, for instance, a lot of women wear their mother's perfumes to revive happy memories they might have with their mother.

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You should also ideally wear a new perfume every time you travel to a new destination, that way every time you wear that perfume later on in life, you would be able to relive the memories of that vacation.

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