Perfume of The Month: Ferragamo Amo

Published On: Feb 17, 2022 | Last Updated: Feb 17, 2022

We are feeling a little frisky this February so we are going with Ferragamo Amo as our perfume of the month. February has that playful, love is in the air kind of energy thanks to Valentine’s Day, and Amo just matches that vibe perfectly.

Amo is a sexy sweet fragrance that is fun and feminine. You smell a delicious note of Campari cocktail when you first spray it on. You also get some juicy rhubarb as well. Campari mixed with rhubarb is absolutely intoxicating, our marketing team smelled it and they are a fan since. You do get a hint of blackcurrant but it fades quickly leading into a heart of jasmine. There’s some vanilla in the base as well that gives a nice balance to the composition.

You can wear this playful fragrance for a date or even at the mall. It’s super easy to wear but it is perfect for summer, spring and fall.

You can try it here:

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