All Natural Clean Fragrances by Hermetica

Published On: Jul 15, 2022 | Last Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Have you heard of Hermetica? No? We don't blame you. Hermetica is a modern, niche fragrance brand paving the way for a wave of “clean” perfumes. Made from natural ingredients, and free of harsh chemicals, Hermetica is a new way of looking at fragrance. Sustainability is a big part of their DNA, and Hermetica does an amazing job at combining science with nature. 

These fragrances are created in such a way that they adapt to the chemistry of your body, so they'll literally smell different on everyone. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Hermetica is a perfume company that makes experimental scents for people who are tired of trying the same kinds of fragrances that just happen to be sold by different brands in different bottles.
Let's talk about three of the most popular Hermetica scents on the market.

Source 1 

How does it smell? A fresh citrusy fragrance with a predominant bergamot note which can be worn on its own or paired with other fragrances. Hermetica actually uses Source 1 as the base for all their other fragrances. Although, it is simple, it is quite popular among the fragrance community.  

Notes: Bergamot, amber, woody

You can try it here:


How does it smell? An aromatic sensual fragrance that leans on the masculine side. As the name suggests, it is an earthy and warm scent thanks to some potent notes of juniper, rosemary, basil and cardamom. Smells very lush, we can assure you on that.  

Notes: Rosemary, basil, juniper, cardamom, amberwood

You can try it here:


Who should get it? Everyone who loves rose fragrances. Not your usual rose though, its a fruity rose paired brilliantly with sweet violets. As the scent evolves, you do get some powdery vibes as well, so definitely not a linear scent profile. If you were to pick a feel good scent from Hermetica, it would be this one.  

Notes: Rose, davana, violet

You can try it here:

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