Scents of the month: Prada L'Homme Intense and Valentino Valentina Assoluto

Published On: Jul 09, 2021 | Last Updated: Jul 09, 2021

We are back again with some new rich, intense and sensual scents for the month of July. The theme for this month is date night scents. Without further a due, let's dive in. 

Prada L'Homme Intense

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There are good flankers, and then there are great flankers. This one falls into the latter category. Prada L'homme was a fantastic perfume, but Prada took its DNA and made it richer, darker and more intense. It is still quite unique though. First impressions are a big iris and a soapy vibe. There is a dense patchouli note present as well. The base is amber and leather, which gives the composition a nice alluring vibe. This perfume is ideally not your office perfume like the original L'Homme, it is more of a suit and tie kind of fragrance. The longevity on this one is a solid 8 hours. Overall, it is a very pleasant scent to rock.

You can try it here:

Valentino Valentina Assoluto

Valentina Assoluto is nothing like the original Valentina. It is more seductive and nocturnal, with an intense and mysterious vibe. It is a deep floral fragrance with earthy undertones. The first impressions are rich and creamy truffle and vanilla. If you like vanilla-based scents, you'd love this one. There's some peach too, you also get a decent amount of tuberose; patchouli and cedar in the base are very prominent. Ideal for a date night or that night out with the girls.

You can try it here:


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