Tips & Tricks To Make Your Scent Last Longer- 5 Long Lasting Fragrances Worth Trying

Published: Jul 25, 2023 • Last Updated: Aug 02, 2023

Picture this: You apply your favorite perfume in the morning, it smells amazing, you feel great smelling like a million bucks. But as the day progresses, the scent seems to fade away, leaving you longing for that beautiful- smelling fragrance. If you've experienced this, fear not! At ScentGod, we've gathered expert tips to help you make your perfumes last longer, so you can enjoy your favorite scent from dawn to dusk. Plus, we'll introduce you to some long-lasting fragrances that will elevate your olfactory experience.

1. Moisturize and Prime

Before you even think of spritzing your perfume, ensure your skin is well-hydrated. Moisturized skin helps lock in fragrance molecules, giving your perfume more staying power. Apply an unscented lotion or body oil to pulse points like your wrists and neck before spraying your chosen scent.

2. Target Pulse Points

Strategic application is key to making your fragrance linger on for longer. Focus on pulse points - areas with increased blood flow - where body heat can help the perfume disperse more effectively. The wrist, neck, and behind the ears are prime locations to apply your perfume for a lasting aura.

3. Layering: The Scent Symphony

For an intricate and long-lasting fragrance experience, consider layering scents. Start with a scented body wash or lotion that complements your perfume. This layer acts as a delicate base, enhancing the perfume's aroma and extending its lifespan on your skin.

4. Store with Care

The way you store your perfume impacts its longevity. Keep your beloved fragrances away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, as heat and light can degrade the scent's quality. Opt for a cool, dark place like a dresser drawer to preserve your perfumes in pristine condition. Keep your scents away from the bathrooms as well.

5. Clothing and Hair Spritz

Expand the fragrance trail by lightly spritzing your clothes and hair. Fabrics hold onto fragrance more effectively than skin, allowing the scent to linger throughout the day. Be cautious with delicate fabrics and always test a small area before spraying.

6. Embrace the Atomizer

Invest in a travel-friendly fragrance atomizer to carry your favorite scent with you. These nifty containers allow for convenient touch-ups, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting aroma, even when you're on the move.

Long-Lasting Fragrances to Try

Carolina Herrera Good Girl: A timeless classic with a modern twist, this fragrance boasts a blend of almond, sweet jasmine, tonka bean, cacao and jasmine, creating a unique and long-lasting scent.

Try Good Girl

Montale Arabians Tonka: Rich and opulent, this fragrance features notes of sugar cane, tonka bean, saffron, and oud, resulting in a warm and sexy scent that lingers throughout the day.

Try Arabians Tonka

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense: A bold and nutty scent that combines almond, narcissus, blooming jasmine and sandalwood, leaving a lasting impression of sheer indulgence.

Try Perfect Intense

Paco Rabanne Fame: Unleash your fun side with this unique blend of mango, vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood, resulting in a delicious fragrance that captivates the senses.

Try Fame

JPG La Belle: A delightful fruity gourmand fragrance that has key notes of green pear, vanilla, and vetiver, ensuring a long-lasting, sweet and seductive scent.

Try La Belle

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