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Hi I'm Olivia Beaufort, a blend of French elegance and Australian charm! Born on August 4, I'm a Leo living in Victoria Melbourne. I work as freelance writer for many online blogs and have been published in a couple newspapers too. 🤫

Born to a French father and a Melbourne-born mother, my parents have instilled in me a love for both French and Australian cultures. I appreciate and respect diversity and the Australian heritage fascinates me.

I moved to a suburb in Victoria in 2009 with my husband and I had a beautiful boy in 2017. The landscapes and the tight-knit community of this charming suburb has become my sanctuary. I love living here and working from home.

During COVID, I picked up baking and the smell of fresh bread just picks me up like no coffee can 😅. The family enjoyed the fruits (breads) of my labor too. I love baking French croissants as well as Lamington. In my free time, I love to experiment with new recipes. Sometimes I try to fuse together French and Australian delicacies, it hasn't worked well yet lol.

Speaking of smells, I love fragrances! I have an impeccable nose for identifying notes on other people. When I discovered ScentGod, I immediately signed up and after a few years, I got the chance of working with them. How exciting! I'm now a part-time writer at ScentGod. I share my experiences and my knowledge in the world of perfumes. I've built quite a collection of perfumes thanks to ScentGod, and discovered many hidden gems and over-rated perfumes.

PS - I quit social media.

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