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Top Notes

Cinnamon Nutmeg

Middle Notes

Praline Tuberose

Base Notes

Vanilla Tonka Bean Amber
Gender Unisex
Occasion Party, Date
Seasons Winter, Autumn

Rich in amber and oud with a heart of floral notes, this fragrance is wrapped in spicy, woody undertones. It's reminiscent of Arabian nights and is ideal for those who love a luxurious and traditional scent.

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45 Ratings, 24 Reviews

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  • 🙁
    By Linny on Jul 16, 2024 I really wanted to love this one but its just a bit too much cinamon for my nose to handle. But i can apprecaite it is a beautiful scent if you like those notes
  • 😍
    By Lauren on Jul 09, 2024 Looove it. Will be getting the full size of this.
  • 😁
    By Melissa on Jun 25, 2024 Very nice smelling. Sweet but not overpowering
  • 😍
    By Noah on Jun 20, 2024 I love this stuff so much. One of my favourites and so surprising for the price. Amazing scent
  • 😁
    By Reem on Jun 13, 2024 Beautifully intense and so sweet. I like a muskier scent, but would gift this to friend who I know would love it!
  • 😍
    By Maria on May 29, 2024 This is yum reminds me of cooked spiced vanilla pineapple at first but dries down to a floral spicy warm scent that lasts days.
  • 😍
    By Laura on May 16, 2024 Absolutely love this one! It's a nice mix between sweet musk and light spice. Can smell all the scent notes as it settles on the skin and they all compliment beautifully. Has good lasting power, and I've gotten compliments from others picking up on it. Would definitely get a larger bottle
  • 😁
    By Quentin on May 16, 2024 Fantastic winter scent, definitely sweeter and more feminine but still quite spicy. Be mindful of overspraying though, it gave me a headache my first try!
  • 😍
    By jasper on Apr 28, 2024 lovely fragrance
  • 😁
    By Marnie on Apr 28, 2024 Starts off sweet but over time you get the spicy scent! Last so long to, i`m on the hunt for the full bottle!
  • 😍
    By Kaylah on Jul 11, 2024 Sweet and clean
  • 😁
    By Jamie on Apr 15, 2024 The combination of spices and sweetness is reminiscent of apple tarte tatin (no apple notes, though). The silage is intense, I only need to spray half the amount I usually do and feel like I'm sitting in a sweet cloud of Khamrah. I would not wear this on a summer day or in an office setting as I find it very powerful. I would wear this when going out for dinner, or strolling city streets on an autumn/winter day. If I DO want to wear this in a more intimate setting, I spray on a cotton pad and dab on pulse point, and it's more than enough. This scent makes me very happy.
  • 😁
    By Jacqui on Apr 30, 2024 Love the spice
  • 😍
    By Samantha on Mar 30, 2024 Absolutely amazing
  • 😍
    By Fletcher on Mar 18, 2024 Love this scent, especially for its price
  • 😁
    By Chantelle on Mar 17, 2024 There was a bit of a mix up and aus post sent my first tester to the wrong address but a lovely woman named Sophie helped me get a replacement within the week. And I have to say WOW it's very different from what I'd usually go for but I am in love! It's so sweet and sophisticated! Definitely in my favourites rotation!
  • 🙂
    By Cindy on Mar 12, 2024 if you like spicy, unisex vanillas youll probably like this. i enjoy it. ive heard people compare this to a few things, Billie Eilish being one of them and all i can say to that is that this would perhaps be the masc version of that. Billie is much softer and sweeter this has a kick to it!
  • 😍
    By Zeth on Mar 03, 2024 Beautiful, sweet and sexy too!! Not a perfect angels share dupe but that's not what it is in the first place. It's amazing for what it is and the price
  • 😍
    By Ben on Feb 25, 2024 A beautiful sweet fragrance, you can really notice the fresh spicy accord. To me it smells almost too sweet immediately after applied, but give it 15-20 minutes and it matures into an amazing, more woody, masculine scent. Smells like vanilla and cinnamon.
  • 😍
    By Oliver on Feb 13, 2024 Christmas in a bottle, it's warm and welcoming smells like sitting by a fireplace.
  • 😍
    By Denis on Feb 13, 2024 My favourite so far, the exact kind of fragrance I'm looking for; warm, sweet and a little bit of spice. My second favourite fragrance of all time, glad ScentGod helped me discover it at an affordable price.
  • 😍
    By Kousalya on Feb 11, 2024 This will be my favourite scent from now ; just loved it It's also long lasting and strong If you don't like strong scents then this one is not for you
  • 😍
    By Christiana on Jan 29, 2024 Love this scent! Not like anything I've smelt before. I will definitely be buying a full bottle!
  • 😍
    By Sarah on Jan 31, 2024 Oh my gosh ! This is the most beautiful scent. Honestly might be my wedding day perfume.
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