The Hermetica Bundle

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Hermetica is a collection of molecular fragrances inspired by the ancient practice of alchemy, which sought to transform basic s into precious materials and to find the ultimate elixir of life.


This bundle comes with a FREE Carry Case and Velvet Pouch to keep your scents safe, even while travelling!



8ml Hermetica Greenlion

8ml Hermetica Rosefire

8ml Hermetica Source1

1x FREE Carry Case

1x FREE Velvet Pouch



Greenlion Eau de Parfum plays on the contrast between strength and sensuality. The first impression is an aromatic freshness, created by the basil essence and the juniper berry oil, meeting with the spicy cold notes of the cardamom molecule.


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Rosefire Eau de Parfum is inspired by red roses and Turkish Delight. Combined with the Source1 accord, these key notes create a powerful rose fragrance. Top notes of rose absolute and violet molecule accentuate its floral tones, while the davana essence, an aromatic herb, add...

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Source 1


Source1 Eau de Parfum forms the very core of the Hermetica brand and its Prima Accord. It is both the base of all the Hermetica fragrances as well as a standalone fragrance in its own right. As an enhancer, the luminous scent of bergamot essence is blended with molecules of dry am...

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