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Experience the allure of Arabian perfumery, beautifully presented in an exclusive ScentGod bundle.

Embrace the mystique of the Middle East with ScentGod's Arabian Essence Trio, featuring Lattafa Amethyst Badee Al Oud, Lattafa Oud for Glory, and Ajmal Amber Wood. Each perfume in this exquisite bundle offers a unique exploration into luxury - from the spicy depth of Amethyst Badee Al Oud, the bold richness of Oud for Glory, to the warm, inviting elegance of Amber Wood.


8ml Lattafa Amethyst Badee Al Oud

8ml Lattafa Oud For Glory

8ml Ajmal Amber Wood

1x Carry Case

1x Velvet Pouch

Amber Wood


The fragrance features spicy sweet scents with amber throughout. Top notes of white pepper, lavender, ripe apple, and cardamom create a spiced fruity opening. The middle notes include the luxurious, delicately floral orris root and wood, fragrant cedar. The base notes bring heat to the perfume th...

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Oud for Glory


Step into a world of opulence with Lattafa Oud for Glory, a luxurious fusion of smoky oud and rich spices, encapsulating the essence of Arabian nights and exotic allure for the adventurous soul.

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Amethyst Badee Al Oud


Be mesmerized by the mystical charm of Lattafa Amethyst Badee Al Oud, a blend of rich oud and sweet honey, a perfect choice for those seeking a unique, captivating fragrance experience.

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