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Who is Elijah

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Top Notes

Pear Green notes Bergamot

Middle Notes

Fig Coconut Iris

Base Notes

Woodsy Tonka Bean Oakmoss Musk
Gender Unisex
Occasion Casual, Office
Seasons Summer, Autumn

Fresh. Tropical. Woody
We have created a time capsule of summer nostalgia & the thirst for escapism.

Eau is a radiant & sexy scent, that perfectly blends notes of pear stems, green leaves & bergamot on the top, black fig, coconut milk & italian iris in the middle & wood, tonka, musk & moss at the bottom.

This fragrance has no gender, nor any boundaries. This scent will capture the hearts & skin of those forever chasing the sun & the freedom of a summer romance.

We want to make these hot sultry days & nights last forever, and we believe we have with eau.
This fragrance can be described as creamy coconut mixed with pear & fig, with a steamy woody undertone.

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24 Ratings, 5 Reviews

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  • 😁
    By Stephanie Carter on Mar 28, 2024 This is very nice but a little bit too masculine for me personally, I like smelling hyper-feminine so I gave this to my boyfriend so I can still enjoy it on him but don't have to smell it on myself
  • 😍
    By Jamie Basic on Apr 11, 2024 A beautiful fragrance! I can smell all the notes here; the woodiness, the green leaves and coconut, are individually perceptible, but harmonious. Silage is average. It can be smelt many hours later but is significantly weaker. I feel this is not an all-year fragrance because I so strongly associate coconut with tropical/island/summer that it would feel strange to wear in winter. But it's such a pleasant scent.
  • 😁
    By Emily Louise Madden on Nov 22, 2023 A fresh scent with a slight sweetness. If you're after sweet rebel rose is stunning.
  • 😍
    By Ashleigh Bowen on Sep 03, 2023 I recently got this before a trip to Fiji, it was the perfect island scent 🌴 I received so many compliments
  • 😍
    By Lauren Bangs on Nov 10, 2023 One of my favourites by Who Is Elijah. Eau is light, fresh, and has very subtle woody notes that linger throughout the day.
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