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amazing grace

🙂 Nice (12 Ratings)
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Top Notes

Grapefruit Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes

Jasmine Rose Freesia

Base Notes

Gender Female
Occasion Casual, Office
Seasons Summer, Spring, Fall

Subtle yet alluring, this clean, crisp scent captures femininity in its purest form with notes of soft floral blossoms and lingering musk. 

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12 Ratings, 11 Reviews

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  • 😁
    By Nanette Somerford on Jun 20, 2022
    The Jasmine seems dominant to me but that's a scent I love, so it's a winner for me. 42 yr old female.
  • 🙁
    By Jessica Farlow on Mar 14, 2022
    Very subtle scent and not very long lasting.
  • 🙂
    By Vivienne Smith on Feb 11, 2022
    Bit musky for my personal taste but still quite nice. Very "clean" fragrance
  • 🙁
    By renae sykes on Jan 11, 2022
    To me this smells like pure powder. I don't have anything else to say about it. If there is anything else in this perfume besides a powder note, it is undetectable to me.
  • 🙁
    By Caronwen on Oct 21, 2021
    I had wanted to try this scent for years. Sadly it's not for me. It has been described by others as 'fresh linen' for me it smells like washing powder, a very soapy scent that I didn't find appealing at all.
  • 🙁
    By Mel Smith on Oct 19, 2021
    Nice but not for me. Reminds me of a Nanna perfume
  • 🙁
    By Ashlee Gregory on Apr 09, 2021
    To be honest... it smells like something my nanna would wear.
  • 🙂
    By Camila Rodriguez on Nov 05, 2020
    If 'clean floral' was given as a perfume scant; this is exactly that. It smells like fresh linen mixed with fresh floral. It is not overpowering. Not quite subtle but very simple. Great for a day in the office or brunch!
  • 🙁
    By Melita Wignall on Oct 06, 2020
    Its nice, but very subtle. I can't smell it on me after the first 10 minutes.
  • 😍
    By Beth on Jun 06, 2020
    Been searching this for a while. Thanks guys.
  • 😁
    By Sophie F on Jun 06, 2020
    Very clean and crisp.
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