Juliette Has a Gun
Vanilla Vibes

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Middle Notes

Vanilla Orchid

Base Notes

Tonka Bean Sandalwood
Gender Unisex
Occasion Casual, Office
Seasons Summer, Spring

The fusion of the two opposites: the warm Natural Vanilla and the fresh Sea Salt which transports the Vanilla into a mineral dimension Far from being overwhelming, the Vanilla becomes suddenly more atmospheric, more elegant The expression of a sensual, powerful and free femininity. Vanilla Vibes, a hymn to Adventure and Freedom. Enjoy the trip!

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45 Ratings, 11 Reviews

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  • 😁
    By Alicia on Apr 21, 2024 I agree that this has a bit of a sunscreen-y vibe, but in the very best way. The slight saltiness makes it a very moreish scent, but some people don't love it on their own skin, so it's definitely worth testing first. Personally, I'm a massive fan!
  • 😁
    By Alex on Apr 04, 2024 Overall a nice scent. Not quite my cup of tea though.
  • 🙂
    By Kym on Mar 07, 2024 A gentle vanilla with a slight creaminess. Did have a bit of a strange eggy smell once it settled on my skin, kind of like raw egg whites but sprayed on clothes is nice.
  • 🙂
    By Brittany on Jan 04, 2024 This was overall pleasant and incredibly wearable, however too similar to Mancera's Coco Vanille for me - was really after something different!
  • 😁
    By Chaille on Jan 04, 2024 Fresh and clean, soft vanilla. Longevity could be better.
  • 😁
    By Chantelle on Jan 02, 2024 Perfect summer scent if you want a FRESH vanilla. Not too sweet and absolutely addictive!
  • 🙁
    By Cristy on Jan 21, 2024 I had smelt this on someone else and really liked it but unfortunately it didn't really work for me and gave me a headache, definitely worth sampling though.
  • 🙁
    By nicki on Nov 24, 2023 Not for me, it reminded me of Victoria secret body mists
  • 🙂
    By Laurita on Nov 18, 2023 Its quite soft and subtle. Nice summer scent
  • 😁
    By Taylor on Nov 02, 2023 Perfect beach summer vibes! Like vanilla coconut sunscreen in the best way!
  • 🙂
    By Bliss on Aug 08, 2023 definitely more of fresh vanilla scent, would be nice in spring or summer
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