Club De Nuit Untold

πŸ™‚ Nice (39 Ratings)
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Top Notes

Saffron Jasmine

Middle Notes


Base Notes

Fir Cedar
Gender Unisex
Occasion Party, Casual, Office, Date
Seasons Winter, Spring, Autumn

Mysterious and intriguing, this scent features a blend of spicy notes, rich florals, and a deep base of amber and musk. It's an ideal choice for evening wear and special occasions where a memorable impression is desired.

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39 Ratings, 19 Reviews

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  • 😍
    By Raymin on Jul 05, 2024 Beautiful smell. I would recommend to wear this going out shopping 😊
  • πŸ™
    By Noah on Jun 20, 2024 Just not for me at the end of the day. Very different to what I thought. Gives me a headache.
  • 😣
    By Renee on Jun 18, 2024 Gross. Headache enduring, way too strong. Very masc smelling but so awful I couldn't palm it off to my husband
  • 😍
    By Alanah on May 26, 2024 I adore this. I smelt it on a male friend so got a sample to try on me. It's amazing.
  • πŸ™
    By Shardae on May 28, 2024 I found this one a bit confusing. It's not terrible, but I do feel maybe it leans masculine. It reminds me of a sweaty man, an attractive sweaty man, I don't know how else to describe it.
  • πŸ™
    By Melissa on May 03, 2024 Not for me. Don't like the undernotre. Too overpowering
  • 😁
    By Tanya on Apr 21, 2024 Both me and my 14 year old daughter enjoy this fruity smell
  • 😍
    By Megan on Apr 19, 2024 Really enjoyed this one, will be purchasing it as an everyday.
  • πŸ™
    By Pelenaise on Apr 11, 2024 Unfortunately not for me. Too strong and don't enjoy the base notes.
  • πŸ™
    By Megan on Apr 11, 2024 Unfortunately this scent isn't for me... although, my husband likes it... so another one for him.. When he's not around me he he
  • 😁
    By Nathan on Mar 26, 2024 Very strong but smells great!
  • πŸ™
    By Georgia on Mar 23, 2024 Unfortunately this just wasn't my scent, I think I definitely flow more into the floral/fruity scents.
  • 😍
    By Samarah on Mar 17, 2024 Yummy as hell so nice
  • 😍
    By Lilian on Mar 12, 2024 It's a striking perfume, with strong fiction in the body, it has a sweet and woody smell, I loved it and recommend it😍πŸ₯°β€οΈ
  • πŸ™
    By Alex on Feb 22, 2024 Wasn't quite for me, smells to synthetic to my nose it's not terrible kinda a sweet gourmand scent
  • 😍
    By Melissa on Feb 12, 2024 This was a random pick so I was pleasantly surprised by how great it smells. I'll be getting it again
  • 😍
    By Carrie on Jan 23, 2024 Love this scent so very much
  • 😍
    By Mary on Dec 30, 2023 Love this scent so much. Lasts so long 😍
  • 😍
    By Samantha on Dec 23, 2023 Smells amazing, super strong and lasts all day
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